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COMMITMENT: Resolve human and eco needs with well defined action. PROJECTS: activate human potential. NAVIGATE: transition into a Life-Honoring Earth Society based in Peace, Plenty & Well-Being for All.

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Ask yourself, "Do I have enough?" "Am I educated?" "Do I have access to resources?" If YES is the answer to any of these, then consider if you are ready to share with those less fortunate, by donating directly to our "boots on the ground" projects in nutrition, education, community development, exploring free energy, local agriculture, classes for children and natural wellness centers.

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We call it 'Beyond the white picket fence.' Even a small regular donation helps bring balance in a world where many do not have enough food, shelter, clean water, sanitation or education. Your donation goes directly to projects without any 'middle-man' and we keep you updated on how/who your funds are helping.